Friday, July 24, 2015

Pictures From Volunteering (Um, Touring) Wyoming

According to us, you really cannot beat a gig that provides you a vehicle, a credit card for fuel and says “Go... Wander through the forest.  Oh, and if you wouldn’t mind cleaning a few restrooms and emptying some trash cans while you are out. we’d really appreciate it.”

                              All geared up and ready for battle!

There are things that you never think you will learn in life.  How to maintain a pit toilet bathroom is one of those things we didn’t really give a thought to in our previous lives.  And while bragging rights for such a skill probably aren’t high on many folks lists we can proudly say...

                        ‘Our $#!+ers don’t stink.’

    We are gold medal winners in Bathroom Maintenance.

Positive comments are flooding in and admittedly it feels good to know that we are fulfilling our obligations to the satisfaction of our bosses and the visiting public.  But we’re really here for the driving around the forest part.  And that is what we will share with you because honestly there are only so many photos you can take of a pit toilet.

Spring comes a tad later at 9000’ elevation.  When we arrived
the aspens still had the look of winter.

Our ‘yard’ still had some snow on the ground and a couple of feet here or there piled in the shadows.  The weight of winter had last years grasses laid flat in the field.

We were anxious to get started driving around and exploring this (new to us) beautiful area and our first few days did not disappoint.

                                                 On the way to Lake Owen - What a view!

          At Lake Owen - We have two trailheads and a campground to take care of here.
                           That’s enough to require a lunch break with a view!

While at Lake Owen Campground one day, Nicole heard a different kind of bird call.  She spotted it a ways away in a tree and snapped a few photos.  It was a bird we had never seen before...

                                                   Evening Grosbeak (male)

                                Evening Grosbeak (female)

Since we’ve only had one spotting of these at a great distance, here’s a drawing of them.


        And, for a new-to-us bird that we see often around our home-spot...

                              the Pine Siskin is a treat to watch.

                    The juveniles have quite the personality, as well.

             The Gray-headed Junco is one of the constants in our area.

                 For some reason they are not afraid to get close.

                Perhaps it is their ability to look ‘tough’ after a bath.

                               A fledgling rested on the picnic table the other day.

When it turned around, the Junco ID became obvious (note rust splotch on back).

    It wasn’t long before our fields started showing color.

To date we’ve counted over 50 different flowers (not including grasses).
There is no way we can show you all of them so we’ll spotlight a few.

                              Some of the first to show were the Pasque Flower.

                    Reportedly, they are white with a bluish tinge.

We have only seen one clump of white however and all others have been purple.

         We’ve heard they are also called Moptops (once they go to seed).

The Purple Fringe made its appearance shortly after the Lupine.


Well, guess we’re headed to town so that seems like a suitably beautiful place to end for now.  Until we meet again...