Sunday, April 15, 2018

Withlacoochee State (Rail) Trail Video

We are sitting in the library parking lot subject to another rain / rest day.

Rain Rest Day 2
We are sitting at the black marker (Dunnellon) and have plans to head west to Inglis.  So....  internet catch-up time!

Nicole has been taking short clips of video for some other projects she is working on but she had some time so she slapped a few together to make a video about our Withlacoochee Trail experience. 

Note: we said she slapped them together.  We're not striving for top notch here just having fun with video. 

Speaking of, in this latest video we muted the high wind sections that might have blown your ears away on the last one.  Sorry about that.  So, feel free to put your volume on medium to hear a few nice nature sounds now and then.  This one should be more listening friendly.

Our adventures continue.... when the rain lets up.  Oh, and news for the day...  We finally made it 200 miles from Stuart (our home base for the last year).  It only took us two weeks!