Saturday, November 24, 2018

Northwestern Nebraska

We continue our mixed grass prairie, dirt road adventure to our anticipated location in the northwest corner of Nebraska.  Surprisingly, the fact that it was single lane caused no problem when we encountered the occasional local driver.  They had four wheel drive and simply went right around us.  Although not our favorite thing for folks to leave newly made tracks anywhere, admittedly, we were pleased that we did not have to chance leaving the road ourselves.

IMG_0680a (3)
"A world of grass and flowers stretched around me, rising and falling in gentle undulations, as if an enchanter had struck the ocean swell, and it was at rest forever." - Eliza Steele

At some point in our drive we saw a rise in the distance. 

Distracted by our surroundings, we had forgotten to look at the odometer. 

So, this rise became a visual marker of on adventure for a part of our adventure.

At least until this one appeared.

IMG_0693a (5)
At the end of the road we were on was a 'T'.

IMG_0700a (1)
So, we turned to ride alongside of the railroad tracks and our final destination drew ever closer.

We crossed the tracks and had only another mile plus on a not-so-great road to go.

IMG_0705a (2)
Ah.... we have arrived!

IMG_0705a (4)

"The question is always asked by the curious travelers who have crossed the Plains at Interstate speeds, 'How can you live here without the mountains, the ocean, the woods?'  But what they are really speaking to is their desire to “get it” right away.  The sublime of this place that we call the prairie is one of patience and looking.  There is no quick fix…If one is to understand the beauty of this place, the old answers just won’t do."

- Keith Jacobshagen

With that.... we will share our destination experience with you in the next post.  The temperature has made it to almost 40 so it is nearly time to get out there and work on getting our girls feet on the ground!