Monday, August 5, 2013

Winding Down at Tub Run

Just a few weeks left at our gig here in the beautiful Laurel Highlands area of PA.  It appears that Summer has taken leave already, the rain has slacked off and the temperatures have dropped to a wonderful 50’s at night and 70’s during the day.

A Scarlet Tanager (in breeding colors) appeared the other evening while we were outside eating dinner.  He’s taken to living in our site and we see him quite often now though typically when we do not have our camera handy.  Here’s a clip from one of our books.

Photo (11)

And here’s a shot taken through the dirty windows on the van.  He’s started changing back to his normal yellow color so the very bright orangish-red color is fading a bit. 


Our resident birds are all quite excited as of late about the appearance of wild berries on many of the bushes around the campground.


The locals too as they pick them and eat them on the spot!  We’ve also got another little buddy occupying our campsite with us.

He’s quite something and often peeks out at us from behind a bush or a tree.

Save for a few holiday weekends here and there, the campground has been pleasantly quiet this summer.  Although not great for the Corp from a profit standpoint, we haven’t minded the slower pace and have really enjoyed the down time.

When we were in Florida Nicole found a small guitar at the local Goodwill and started toying around with it.  She was playing it the other day when our friend, Brenda, stopped by.  A few days later Brenda showed up again with an electric guitar and amplifier for Nicole to borrow for the rest of the summer.

What a treat!  Some extensive playing ensued and a month later the tips of Nicole’s fingers are numb and Darlene is actually beginning to recognize what’s being played (read: Nicole must be doing something right).

The other day we headed out with one of the rangers to check and do maintenance on Wood Duck boxes at four of the local ponds.

Photo (12)

The boxes were installed by a Corp ranger and their usage is monitored and recorded.  We didn’t see an overwhelming amount of evidence of use this time around, one un-hatched egg and some others with a few egg shells.  Several needed repair due to rotted or missing bottoms.  Nicole stuck her face into one and was greeted by a very large hive of honey bees.  We promptly left the bees to their work, completed repairs on the ones needed them, clean out old nests and provide a fresh batch of saw dust bedding for the next users on about 15 boxes.

We’ve noticed some leaves have already started to turn.  Combined with the cooler weather it seems that fall is just around the corner.  That hasn’t stopped the continued blooming of new flowers around the campground.

DSCN2143 DSCN2145
The above tree is the Double Rose of Sharron. It’s in the hibiscus family.

We’ll begin wandering again soon.  Rolling with the wind. 

Volunteering our time is rewarding and we appreciate that it affords us the ability to be in one place, to get to know the area, and local community.  However, after nearly a years time spent in three different volunteer positions the road has begun calling us once again.  So, for now we’ll change our course and return to a more unplanned and wandering lifestyle.  The wind has begun whispering in our ear and we are excited to see what’s blooming in this next phase for us.


                                   Until Next Time…