Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Done So Soon

Wow!  The month of March seemed to fly by.  Perhaps it was all of that beautiful sunny weather we were presented with.

111 (15)
                            It’s got everything coming up daisies!

                                    And a few other varieties…

111 (16)

111 (24)

111 (11)
                        Do you see the wishbone in this Trillium?

     Did you notice all of the white flowers?  There’s been some color too.

111 (20)

                          The color isn’t just in the flowers though.

111 (2)
              The peepers are really starting to make an appearance.111 (4)

111 (29)
            These radiant blue Tree Swallows showed up the other day.

111 (32)
They seemed to be pairing up and taking possession of their preferred nesting area.

111 (39)
          Although, in this case, it was apparently still up for discussion.

March really did get away from us.  In a good way, though.  William Tugman and Eel Lake are pretty areas and quite peaceful as campgrounds and day use go.

           111 (8)
The laid back vibe got us back into the groove with respects to our somewhat haphazard hobbies and we’ve each got the pains to show for it.  We also got a good cleaning done in the van a a few basic repairs and fixes we’ve been meaning to get to.

111 (5)
With the weather starting to turn consistently spring-like we are excited for our upcoming travels and wanderings.  The van was covered in pollen one recent morning and so we’ll take that as a sign that the wind has once again arrived to blow us on down the road.

111 (21)

                                           Until next time…

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tugman Trail Walking

There are a few trails to walk at Tugman and, since walking is one of our favorite things and trails are another, we’ve been exploring.

                 Things continue to spring and green in these parts.

                            There’s a lot of blooming going on.

                              So, we’ve got plenty of flowery shots.


The trails are very nice.  They are similar to the ones we had at our last stop only they gain a bit in elevation now and then.  Oh, and they skirt the lake.

                                                        It’s purdy.

Of course, we’ve seen many of the same newts and slugs that our last park had.  So, we won’t bore you with too much photo familiarity.

We will however show you these.

                                      A Speckled Banana Slug.

                                        Just hanging around.

                           On the ground cruising in a fancy ride.

          You’ve got to be constantly on alert for wildlife in these parts.

            Especially the stealthy, statuesque and slightly apathetic kind!

                                This fungi looks a bit like bacon.

   This one had some pretty neat water droplets reflecting on the underside.


Camping is pretty quiet in these parts right now so we’ve been put in charge of fern maintenance here in the park.  While trimming one day, Darlene discovered this…

              Check out that body coloring!  She named him Fire Agate.

  He was a spunky little guy who also did a great impression of playing dead!

Although we are closer to town than we have ever been (two miles) it is doubtful that we will find ourselves there very often.  We much prefer a trip through nature over a trip to town.  So, in the interest of our return to limited internet service, we’ll continue with some photos of the fog that rolled in the other day.  It created a mysterious and yet very peaceful vibe around the lake.








                                         Goodbye, for now.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Transition To Tugman

Our month at Beverly Beach State Park ended and it was time to move on.  What a pleasure for us to find a last minute opening at such a beautiful spot right on the beach. 

Cue the parting shots…



We’ve moved on and are now spending the month of March yurtin’ and doing minor maintenance at William Tugman State Park.  Although we are only a stones throw away from the ocean, access is limited due to Oregon Dunes Recreation Area.  That’s o.k. though because we are now located on a lake!

                                         Goodbye Beverly Beach

                                         Hello William Tugman and Eel Lake