Saturday, September 14, 2019

Flowers, Bugs, Critters and "Stuff" at Penitente Canyon - Part II

We've been blog lazy lately.  It all started two weeks ago when we came to town and (once again) the public internet was non-functional).  Then we just got busy.  Taking care of the campground, relaxing, having lots of visitors, hiking, climbing, raising caterpillars, bird watching... etc. 

So, despite four days off where we came to town and the internet is actually working we only have one post for you this time around.  Sorry about that.  In two weeks time though we will be internet rich for many months to come and perhaps we'll actually finish up everything to do with our time at Penitente Canyon. 

Meanwhile... this is what we have for you now.  Hope it holds you for a few more weeks.  Click HERE to see it!