Friday, February 15, 2019

South by South West Florida Explorations January 2019

Our second short wander-about took us south to the Everglades National Park and the Shark Valley Trail, through the Big Cypress National Preserve then west to Bonita Beach and Sanibel where we toured the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge (NWR).  Then, we turned our sights on seeking out the Red Cockaded Woodpecker and spent time at Webb Lake and Dupui Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) before making a stop at Pine Glades and Cypress Creek Natural Areas. 

Although things had cooled down somewhat, the wonderful South Florida winter weather continued to cooperate and made for some truly enjoyable explorations. 

One of these days we'll get some better audio.  For now, bear with us and our simple equipment.  This time around, the winds were blowing and with the exception of a few clips that is all that could be heard.  So, we edited out the wind and tried to leave in some natural sounds now and then.  Feel free to turn up your volume and keep an ear out for the occasional sounds of nature (including a little wind now and then).

The Tube that is You prefers that we post videos of a shorter length and so we have split this journey into two parts.  Both are linked below so after watching Part 1 be sure to return to this page to view Part 2. 

Click play and enlarge and enjoy our January 2019 South Florida travels.  Thank you for coming along with us.