Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wild in the West.

Lock up the women (except us!) and children it’s going to get crazy up in here! 

So, Robb’s a bit of a gun aficionado and knowing that we were packing heat in the van threw out the idea that we go shooting.  We, of course, accepted when he threw in the suggestion that he bring a few of his older ones to compare to our newer item.


IMG_0770First on the schedule was an 1871 Revolver (replica).
Two on the plate for Nicole’s first try and Darlene showed her skills by adding a bunch more!
Next it was time to load up Darlene’s H&K for each of us to take a turn.
IMG_0790 IMG_0783
Robb shot his ten off gangster style in about five seconds.  Nicole took a bit of a slower more deliberate pace.IMG_0780
In the end, we all put a few more on the target and in the board.
Ah, the good-stuff!
“Don’t shoot!  It wasn’t me, I swear. I was down at the Oasis.”IMG_0793
IMG_0800 A 1950’s Winchester 30-30.  Now this is more Nicole’s style, for sure.
IMG_0805 IMG_0804 
We had some fun with this one and some lower recoil ammo that Robb had loaded for us.

Hard to tell the count at the end of the day once Darlene started grouping them so tightly and basically shooting the same hole more than once.  The girl’s got skills.  Nicole is glad she’s on her side!  Besides hitting the target a few times herself, Nicole hit the leg of the stand and flipped the whole board in the air once in trick-shot style which was actually pretty cool looking.  She also managed with the rifle to hit a rock off in the distance that Robb had pointed to on the second shot (1st one was 1 inch to the right… good thing she told it to ‘Sit’ and ‘Stay’ the second time).  Thirty or more on the plate and many more on the board sure made for a great day!  Next time, Robb show’s us how to fire his black powder pistol.  Meanwhile… it’s on down the road for us.