Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Matter of Pride.

So, we’re driving through a parking lot yesterday when a kid (he’s like 20, so not sure what that says about us?) whose driving in the opposite direction sticks his arm out the window to get us to stop.  Of course, for those split seconds between stopping and talking to him, thoughts of “What’s wrong with the van?” ramble through our heads.  There’s no [obvious] smoke and we’re pretty sure we didn’t hit anything large enough to be still plastered across the front.

We pull up next to him and a brief conversation ensues.

KID: “How much you want for it?”

NICOLE: “It’s not for sale.”

KID: “Come on, sell it to me.”

NICOLE: “We just got it.  Not selling.”

KID: “We’re going to go traveling. I want to buy it from you.”

NICOLE: “We live in it full time.”

KID: “It’s awesome.  God Bless it in the name of Jesus Christ.”

And, that is how it went.  We already knew that we loved our girl, Annie, and could not imagine our travels without her. When a random stranger, whose only just spotted her three seconds ago, wants to buy her from you though it sort of re-seals the deal.

IMG_1222Our Girl.  She’s one of a kind.