Sunday, April 8, 2012

Utah-ta See This Place!

IMG_1996Awesome Slogan!
Pioneer Park, St. George, UT
The Red Hills
Some pretty sweet views of the cityIMG_2022
and of distant hills.

IMG_2004 IMG_2003
Climbable rock!
And a 200+ foot long, overhanging traverse.  Arg.  We’re out of shape! IMG_2014IMG_2024





We spent the afternoon hiking around and taking in the views.
IMG_2029Gila Cliff Dwellings right here in St. George?
Naw.  Just a close up of the neat rock shapes and texture.

We spent a few days in St. George stocking up on food, waiting on a mail delivery and had also planned to fix a blown blinker / taillight.  We accomplished the first two and the third took care of itself as things often mysteriously do in Annie.  Seems the blinker / taillight is related to our sporadically functioning radio & interior dash light phenomenon.  There’s a loose wire or ground somewhere and we must be on our way to finding it because each time we fix something, something else gets involved.  Meanwhile, the randomness of the whole thing still entertains and thrills us on a daily basis as we never really know what we’ll get.  One thing we seem to be able to rely on lately though is that the Virgin River is following us.
We crossed the bridge into Zion National Park and there it was again!

A new hike every day, sometimes combining trails and still there is so much of this park left to explore.  It is truly difficult to capture the beauty of Zion in a photograph.  At least not one taken by us, anyway.  Still, we did our best and here’s a select few to give you a sampling.
IMG_2189 IMG_2184

Zion really is a beautiful park.  It hosts some of the tallest sandstone cliffs in the country.  Though we are used to red sandstone back east we have not yet seen the unique white sandstone that they have here in the park.  The weather was gorgeous, spring flowers were still in bloom and the trees had all just begun to acquire their first leaves of the season.  The trails are well marked and enjoyable to walk on and they have everything from a flat dirt path to stair-master strenuous.  There is a very well run and FREE park shuttle system that ferry’s you anywhere you want in the park.  We stayed on a small slat of BLM land that is actually on the side of a side road and was only a two minute walk to the Free Springdale shuttle which took us to the park entrance 1/4 mile away.  While it wasn’t your out of the way, quiet BLM area, having views of Zion out of all of our windows plus the convenience to the shuttle stop make this a can’t be beat location in our book if you are looking for a no-fee-stay way to play.

Well, an unexpected cold front is due to sweep through our considered route so we will most likely chart another course with a warmer wind.  After being roadside for a few days it will be nice to get the chairs down, set up camp, possibly meet up with some friends and ‘hang out’ for a bit in one spot before continuing on.

   It’s a great big world out there.
Get out and explore it!