Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spring in Wyoming…

Wyoming Joke:  How do you know that Spring has come to Wyoming?
Wyoming Answer:  All of the license plates turn green!
Wyoming Clue:  Most Colorado license plates are green.
Additional Information:  Wyoming folk aren’t very fond of Colorado folk.  We’re pretty sure it works both ways but we only get the Wyo side of the story.

For us, Spring has meant wonderful temperatures and enjoying the simple things lately.  Things like having a water spigot right at out site, doing our laundry by hand and hanging it to dry on the line.

Vedauwoo 2012-07-11 (1)
This is our washtub and scrubbing rock. Vedauwoo 2012-07-11
We’re still in a bit of an arid zone so drying time is about the same as it was when we were paying at the Laundromat.

One day after we had hung out a load the deputy sheriff drives by and says, “I see you’ve got your laundry situation all worked out but there’s a problem with that dryer of yours everything is going to smell like smoke!”  Thankfully, the fires that were surrounding us were not sending smoke through our camp or he might have been right.  Instead our clothes smell wonderfully fresh each time.

Nicole also took the time to finish up our main kitchen countertop.
Vedauwoo 2012-06-13 (1)
A few coats of polyurethane and it was complete.  A few coats of polyurethane and the paintbrush was done for.  Apparently, the arid environment makes for some difficult painting.  The brush was drying faster than she could work.  After confirming this fact with some locals we have decided that this will be our last painting project in Wyoming but are happy to have it done as it looks great and wipes down easily.  Some paint extender or thinner would probably help the situation but we figure our time is better spent climbing and exploring the local area.

Laura, our Sheriff friend, kidnapped us the other day and took us to see the Snowy Range. It is a popular Wyoming destination and it wasn’t hard to see why.  The terrain here was unlike any we had seen in a good while.  Beautiful and alpine like.  Reminded Nicole of some spots in Europe.  It’s a glacial area most of which was still under snow until recently and so while ours in Vedauwoo is nearly over Spring has just sprung on The Range.

 Vedauwoo 2012-07-17 (11) Vedauwoo 2012-07-17 (16) Vedauwoo 2012-07-17 (18)
Vedauwoo 2012-07-17 (23)
Vedauwoo 2012-07-17 (53) Vedauwoo 2012-07-17 (41) Vedauwoo 2012-07-17 (42) 
Vedauwoo 2012-07-17 (59) Vedauwoo 2012-07-17 (60)
Vedauwoo 2012-07-17 (64)
Vedauwoo 2012-07-17 (55)Vedauwoo 2012-07-17 (62)
Vedauwoo 2012-07-17 (75)
Vedauwoo 2012-07-17 (68)

Things are still wonderful at our first volunteer camphost position.  We get some excitement now and then with folks breaking the rules or requiring rescue from high up on the rocks (yup, we had another one the other day).  Mostly though our position is pretty laid back and routine.  We clean bathrooms, pick up stray trash, answer questions and make rounds to ensure that everyone is having a great time.

Speaking of we are out of some campground essentials so we’re making a run to cold storage in Laramie to re-stock.  We’ll send off these photos while we’re there.  

Take time to enjoy the view…

Vedauwoo 2012-07-17 (9)