Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Recovery by the Sea…

After the workout we received our first three days in the field we considered two days of lying around being lazy a much deserved break.  Then we got off our duffs and did what any respectable Floridian would do.  We went to the BEACH!

2012-11-4 Ocala
Ah… the Intercoastal Waterway.  Just a few more miles and we are there…
2012-11-4 Ocala (5)
                    Oh, yes… toes in the sand and sea.
2012-11-4 Ocala (11)
                                   We have arrived!

Ormond Beach is a great location in this area. It is close enough to Daytona to still participate in the driving / parking on the beach experience.
2012-11-4 Ocala (31)
And yet, if you go to the end of that section, you find these…
2012-11-4 Ocala (14)
                                       And this…   2012-11-4 Ocala (7)
               No vehicles of any kind allowed.  Woot!

For the record, we did not drive Annie on the beach.  She’s not fond of swimming. So we paid a group of really nice palm trees a few bucks to watch her for the day.
2012-11-4 Ocala (35)
   She looks happy enough for her second trip ever to Florida.

It was a beautiful fall day with a cool breeze off the water.  A variety of shore and other birds entertained us and we watched a couple of dolphins play just off shore.

2012-11-4 Ocala (17) 2012-11-4 Ocala (26)
2012-11-4 Ocala (1)

No trip to the shore is complete though without some good old fashioned sea shell collecting.  And there, glimmering just offshore, was a starfish.  What?  Starfish don’t glimmer, you say.  Well, this one was a real diamond in the rough.

2012-11-4 Ocala (33)

                        Have a shimmering day!