Thursday, February 28, 2013

Car(b) Talk…



This is a post of celebration!  Get out your streamers and put on your party hats because it’s time to party!!!

Yes, that is a picture of a car part.  A carburetor to be exact.  No, it is not our carburetor but ours looks just like that.  Just like that and a whole lot dirtier.

Let’s back up just a few steps.  We had three reasons for getting a van over our previously enjoyed truck-topper-camping setup.  One of those reasons was that we would have access to the driver’s seat in the event that we felt we needed to ‘escape’ something or someone.

So, what does that have to do with a carburetor, you ask?

Well, as it wound up, having a van for the reason stated above really didn’t quite work out as planned.  We’ve always had trouble starting her and unless you count ‘less than 1 mph with a chance of stalling’ as a quick get-away we might as well have still been locked in the back of our truck topper.

It did make for some great jokes about how if we felt threatened by anyone we would just kindly ask, “If you would please hold that thought for about ten minutes I’d really appreciate it.  I’ve got to start the van and let her warm up before I can get out of here.”

As of today though… the jokes over.  RIP Get-away Joke.

After much reading, video watching and conversing with some really great and patient guys on the forum, Nicole has successfully tuned our carburetor and turned Annie into a quick starting, tire squealing machine.  Well, she tuned the carburetor anyway!

So, who wants to party?!