Monday, April 29, 2013

Some Forest. Some Not So Forest.

We’ve been working our way North to our next volunteer gig.  The plans were to boondock in the forest along the way.  Many of our target locations were still closed due to impassible roads or other safety issues resulting from Super-storm Sandy.  We’ve managed to do pretty well considering.   

2013-04-20 Santeetlah, NC - Campsite (2)
                           We had sites like this…

2013-04-20 Santeetlah, NC - Scenes (6)
                  With views like that…

2013-04-20 Santeetlah, NC - Dogwood Tree (1)
                             Things were blooming…

                In booming ways… (at lower elevations)

Despite Spring being in the air, evenings in the North still get chilly now and then. 

2013-04-20 Santeetlah, NC - Darlene's New Hat
                  So, Darlene made herself a new hat!

Daytime temps were gorgeous though and made for some great exploring.

2013-04-21 Paint Creek, TN - Falls

The critters were out and about in and around the lakes at our campsites.

2013-04-23 Walnut Flats, VA  - Bull Frog (1)
2013-04-23 Walnut Flats, VA - Salamander (1)
2013-04-20 Santeetlah, NC - Grasshopper

And when we were spent from admiring all of our beautiful surroundings

2013-04-23 Walnut Flats, VA - Hand Pump (1)
       Darlene went to work to provide a little refreshment!
2013-04-23 Walnut Flats, VA - Hand Pump (3)

2013-04-27 Forbes State Forest, PA - Campsite Lake (5) 
We started thinking that the things we were seeing were a lot like where we would be spending our summer.  Lakes, waterfalls, mountains, forests. 

2013-04-21 Paint Creek, TN - Falls (2)
            Thoughts like that can make a girl real happy!

They also make her anxious to see where she’ll be living for the summer.  So, even though our site doesn’t open for another few weeks, we did a drive by / walk through the other day.

Our Corp of Engineers campground has two distinct sections.

2013-04-27 Tub Run Campground, PA
                       Section one - where we will live.
2013-04-27 Tub Run Campground, PA (2)
Section two - mostly non-electrical sites closer to the boat ramp.

These two sections are divided by a creek that runs behind our campsite.
2013-04-27 Tub Run Campground, PA (1)
       This is the view from our picnic table / van windows.

The trees in the area have not even gotten their leaves yet.  Just over the mountain at a ski resort in WV there was some snow still on the runs.  It seems that we may get a glimpse of the foliage going through just about every season before we leave. 

A few more shots to hold you over before we sign off of the net for a good while… 

2013-04-27 Tub Run Campground, PA (3)
The white sand marks the swimming beach at our campground.

         Our portion of the river / lake is a no-wake zone.
2013-04-27 Tub Run Campground, PA (5)
Well, guess we better get to stocking up on our food and other essentials.  We’re due to report in two days.  No matter which way you drive it, our trip to the ‘big city’ (or at least someplace with a Wally World) goes up and over and all the way back down the mountain on roads with runaway truck ramps.  We’ll save that trip for only once a month!

2013-04-27 Tub Run Campground, PA (6)
Truth be told… even if the roads were flat we probably wouldn’t leave our area all that often.  Within just a few miles of our camp are natural waterslides, some of the best kayaking and white water rafting on the east coast, waterfalls, bicycle rail-trails that run across several states, cute little towns and parks and way more hiking / walking trails than we could ever cover in just one summer. 

Well, we’re off to explore.  Until next time…

2013-04-27 Ohiopyle State Park, PA (1)
                          Keep it sunny side up!