Monday, July 22, 2013

The Education of Nicole and Darlene Continues…


A fourth round (we think… lost count) of things we’ve learned along the way.

1.  Darlene is a chronic-tweaker.  Have no fear.  She has not taken up illicit drugs. But she has finally discovered the proper label for herself with regard to her crochet and knitting habits.

2.  Jeans, there’s more than one way to sit on them!

2012-12-30 Ocala
In this case, Darlene’s chair gave out so Nicole took an old pair of jeans, needle and thread and remedied the situation.

3.  The universe has a funny way of revealing some really cool stuff on the day you forget to bring your camera.

4.  Hunters in Florida spend a lot more time on the side of the road than in the woods.  We’re guessing they are waiting for the deer to walk across the road so they can shoot it.  That’s all we have to say about that one. 

5.  In the event that an Asian Beetle flies into your mouth, perhaps it is wise to just let him have a look around.  He may get bored and fly out.  Certainly worth a shot when considering the alternative.

6.  If you are really hungry, eating soup outside on a windy day may not be a good idea.

7.  Carburetors are sort of like people.  If you choke them, they can’t breathe.  If they can’t breathe, they won’t run correctly.

8.  Not everything is like riding a bicycle.  Take a water hose for example and the sprayer thingy on the end.  Sure, the water comes out every time you push it but the bicycle theory failed in this case for Nicole (who hasn’t used one in a year or more).  As her mind was otherwise occupied with the action of wrestling the hose from its holder, she kept squeezing the handle.  She may have needed a shower but that was not how it was meant to happen.  Nor was it meant to happen that many times!

9.  If your are in Florida and it looks like an orange, smells like and orange and hangs in a tree like an orange and you aren’t in an actual orange grove… before your greedy little hands dig in take note that there is probably a reason the animals aren’t eating it!  (Although, for the record, Darlene swears that those wild growing sour oranges that made us pucker real good would make some killer marmalade). 

10.  Our van gets almost 2 mpg more on average if we fill it up at 1/2 tank or higher.  It’s new math.

11.  When living on a small strip of land surrounded by alligators no longer phases you, it may be time to move on to new adventures.

12.  A page cannot truly be called blank if the words ‘This page intentionally left blank’ are written on it.

13.  Without the management plan under which they were conceived, our ‘Public Lands’ would not be the National Treasures that they have become.  Do your research.  Be thankful for what you have by respecting the hundreds of years of experience, research and development that have gone into the ability for you to enjoy these areas in whatever manner the governing bodies see fit.  Recognize that everything changes and evolves.  Be open to whatever it takes to maintain and preserve our protected areas.  Educate yourself.  Be a part of the solution.