Saturday, May 3, 2014

Visits with Friends and Destinations Known

As we moseyed on down the road we got in touch with some friends we had met at The Pond two years ago.  Our travel was going right past them and they were on their way back from a winter in the desert.  So, we met at their sticks and bricks where we helped them get it ready to sell.

                          They’re leaving this… on Long Lake (aka Lake Spokane)

                        For this… just above Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area.

Since they’re going full-time (in terms of living in their RV year round), they’ve built this super nifty docking station for it.  The fifth wheel length deck is the perfect place to sit back, relax, look at the water and listen to the birds chirp.

                                   No chirping from this guy.

                          Loads of chirping from these though…


Our original summer plans included a wide range of random travel and scenery.  For the first time since hitting the road we would not spend our summer volunteering.


Since we truly enjoy our volunteer time though we are constantly keeping an eye out for new and different opportunities.


With a wide variety of positions and locations under our belt, we’ve begun to formulate what we could consider the (potentially) ‘ideal’ volunteer position for us.


So, when that exact position appeared we knew that we could not pass it up.  And, just like that, we have a place to roost for a bit.  We are so excited about it that we are taking them up on their offer to settle in a few weeks earlier than contracted for.


We’ll settle in a few days from now and let you know more about it the next time we make a trek to town.


Meanwhile, here’s a few hints… we’ll be in Idaho, about 30 miles (as the crow flies) from the Canadian Border, on a lake that’s called the ‘Jewel’ of the state.  P.S.  It’s not a campground position.