Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cuero, TX - A Night and A Day in The Park

We woke up in Cuero Park to a fog laden day.  Despite the affect on our photography, it was really quite neat looking.


We walked around this very large and attractive park taking it all in.

         The fog was awesome and added quite a mystery to the place. 

         It hung around well until late afternoon but it did not faze our exploratory urges.

The park was a mecca of both new and familiar bird sightings which was a super fun experience.  Most exciting was the spotting of this...

                                        Vermillion Flycatcher.

                  Despite the fog you couldn’t miss the brilliant color of this male.

He was quite flirty and followed us the full round-trip of the lake sticking quite
close now and then zipping back and forth only a few feet from us.

Here’s some more photos from our very misty day at Cuero City Park in Texas.

IMG_1998 a (2)
       It was good to feel the dampness in the air and to see moss again!

Early in the morning there was still a lot of dew on everything like this tiny bud.

Surely our readers have figured out that Nicole likes to get REALLY close to tiny
things.  This is what you shirt looks like through a drop of water on a macro lens.
Getting really close on wet days has its photographic challenges.

On a hazy day, this White-winged Dove blended right in.

             As did this Red Shouldered ?? Hawk.  Can you spot it?



           Double-rested Double-crested Cormorants



  Fitting that while in Texas we saw a LOT of their state bird - Mockingbird.

These buds are probably the size of your average pinky nail.

Which means that this Robber Fly (perhaps, not really sure) is how big?  Do you see it on the right most bud in the first photo?  We didn’t see it until photo was on the computer.

                                       Walk Like An Egyptian.... Goose.

As we rounded the far side of the lake we were approached by the fuzz who informed us that we were not supposed to be hooked to the electricity in the spot we had chosen the night before.  He then recorded all of the pertinent hardened criminal data down in his little black book, told us to speak to the park superintendent and drove off.  Since we were on the other side of the lake (a BIG lake) and Wal-Mart (overnight option #2) was literally across the street, we figured we’d finish our walk first.

Here’s some more pictures from our walk.

This female Purple Martin looks to be leading her charges (men).


                                    You put your left foot in....

                                 You put your left foot out...

                            You put your left foot in... err, sort of.

Or you could just sit and look pretty because you are too cool for silly dances.

Speaking of too cool, do you see the shadow of the big tree behind the little one?

IMG_2173a (4)
                                          Epiphyte Epidermis

Oh!  Just realized that we didn’t tell you the rest of the ‘You’re Not Supposed To Camp There’ story.  So, we rounded the lake and went to talk with the park superintendent.  He was very friendly and told us that the only reason we had managed to get power was that they had forgotten to turn off the power at those spots after the Christmas in the Park lights had been taken down.  We were informed that the “free camping” area was under construction and once they were done it would no longer be free.  He was kind enough to  not charge us for the previous night and even told us that we could stay for the current one if we desired but after that he would need to charge us.  We decided though to just go ahead and move the 50 miles that we had planned for two days later since it wasn’t that far.



              And that was our night and day at the park in Cuero, TX.