Thursday, August 6, 2015

We Tried To Get Lost But Friends Tracked Us Down!

True friends will hunt you down and guarantee a visit no matter how far away from civilization you put yourself.

Lynn and Bob visited us in WYOMING!!!  (... and we did not take one photo of the four of us)

Boy were we ever so excited to see these two wonderful people.  (... so excited that we didn’t take any photos of the four of us)

They booked a week at the Wood’s Landing Resort and made the 12 mile slog up and down the 7% grade pass to visit with us again and again and again and again and... (we didn’t take any photos of the four of us)

Those that know us know that we aren’t really prone to ‘doing things’.  It’s not really our thing to do things.  But when Lynn and Bob visited we ‘did things’.  They’re fun to ‘do things’ with and so we ‘did them’.

One of the things that we did was to take the ever so long road down to the Pike Pole / Pickeroon area.  Lynn and Bob like to drive as slow as we do - or so they told us so and they did it and we liked them for that. 

Originally, we were due to visit this river front location every few weeks to check on things but another volunteer said he liked going down there so we let him have it.  Our supervisor told us there were Bighorn Sheep down that way along the river and when we mentioned this to Lynn and Bob they were up for the adventure.

   The road goes down, down, down to the river with steady views of the Rockies all the way.

     On the way to the river we spent some time watching a Red Fox hunt.

          We pulled over to admire the Penstemon

                                       and the Scarlet Gilia.

      Then we pulled over again to smell the wild roses.

                          The Silverleaf Phacelia was new to us.

                                       What a unique and pretty plant.

  Of course, Nicole could not resist taking a shot of these tiniest of flowers.
                         Fingers left in this shot for perspective.

                                       They were so delicate.

                             Red Clover is one of the taller varieties of its kind.

We haven’t identified these flowers yet but we were really more focused on the butterfly.

Despite all of our stops along the way, we eventually  made it to the river and started sheep spotting.

      They were still shedding their winter coats.  Funny, we had just put ours away, as well.

                                            Down by the river...

Darlene and Lynn discuss life and the importance of a good lunch spot.

              The Dwarf Hollyhock created a show.

                                      Don’t Tinker With Bob ... The Thinker

                               The Old Man’s Whiskers were in need of a shave.

We discovered the largest gathering of Eastern-tailed Blues that we’ve ever seen.

We formulated the greatest plan ever for a ‘group take off’ photo.  Darlene gathered tiny pebbles while the rest of us got poised with our cameras ready for the explosion of color.  We counted down and she threw and scattered the pebbles just at the edge of their group.

See the above photo?   That’s what it looked like after she threw the pebbles.  They were undeterred!

Darlene then opted to wave her hands lightly through them for a more direct approach.

                             This was the result of that attempt.

At that point, we decided that lunch at the waters edge with good conversation and Eastern-tailed Blues was a better use of our time.

                                                          End of Part 1