Sunday, November 1, 2015


Two months with family in FL followed by a month with family in GA... now what?

We’re moving on down the road!

                                               At our usual pace.

First stop:  Walmart.  No need for a photo.  You’ve seen them before.  Actually, the first stop was at Discount Tire for our regular rotation and balance but there happened to be a Walmart nearby and so we spent the night.


Next up:  Our first boondocking in a very long time.  It was a wonderful little spot in eastern TN with water on both sides. 


Although we only had two days in this beautiful location, we truly enjoyed it.


We were getting our first taste of fall ... some of it still on the trees!


                  A hint of the familiar eastern TN fall / winter gray was in the air.

IMG_9950a (14)

                                                There was no denying it...

IMG_9950a (25)

                                                    change was a coming.


                                             And, we like change!


                        Still, there were a few straggling signs of warmer days...

                     IMG_9950a (45)

                     doing their best to hold on to what was left of the sunshine!

IMG_9950a (69)

Nicole had a great bird surprise while we were there.  She was out snapping pictures of tiny shadows in the trees assuming she was seeing the usual sparrows.


Then she gets the photos back to her computer and realizes she had just captured her first
Golden-crowned Kinglet.  LIFER!

IMG_9950a (7)
                   Check out that crown!  This guy was flashing full colors.

Well, two days came and went and on one hand we are sad to be saying goodbye to the last of our boondocking for this year.

IMG_9950a (78)

On the other hand, we are full of the excitement that is the start of a new volunteering position.  Tomorrow is our first day, so we’ll say goodbye for now.