Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Going Down Down Down To The Silvermine Arch

The trail starts out rather nonchalantly as a relatively flat walk through the woods. 
Like most trails out of our campground, it leads to the edge of the cliff and open views.

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As was the case with Hidden Arch, stairs are necessary to descend to the viewing level.

1 (1)
The number however increased tenfold and it begins with this 80 step decline.

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Next, several ‘natural’ declines through Rhododendron groves that tower well overhead

1 (4)
We decided after making continual downward progress that these stairs should
have a sign that reads “If you made it this far you don’t need a railing”!

One last “natural” obstacle...

1 (5)
                 and the Silvermine Arch makes its appearance.

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This is a unique natural arch in that it was formed in a different way from the ridge top arches. We’ve read that this is one of only two waterfall step arches in Red River Gorge.

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Reportedly, its formation is the result of erosion from a waterfall.

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Once you arrive at the arch the sound of dripping water draws you under it.

1 (7)
    There is a small grotto peacefully residing there.

1 (10)
We stayed for a while taking in the sights and sounds until we could no longer
deny that going down down down

1 (11)
   usually results in going up up up to get back home!