Monday, March 28, 2016

A Big Catch...Down The Hatch!

Been spending some time bird watching in the backyard.  Lots of familiars from last time and a few new ones have moved in, as well.

Yesterday, Nicole was sitting down on a bench by the water and everyone was all a flutter.  It is breeding season and the bright colors are showing.


One particular Great Blue Heron was in the mood to show off in a different way, however. 
It began with ten minutes in a few different stealthy positions.

1 (1)
                                                  Blending in...

1 (2)
                                            Secretly watching...

After keeping a keen eye on the situation for a good while, Nicole decided that the Heron was simply watching the other birds across the pond.


So, she looked away for just a moment.  Less than thirty seconds later this is what she saw...

1 (3)
                                         What?  Are you kidding me?!

1 (4)

Nicole snapped a few quick shots as she stared in amazement.

Then she remembered her video camera!

                                             And A Drink To Wash It Down

Well, we've had a nice two weeks in South Florida but the time has come for us to journey northward.  After four years of contributing 60% of our time each year to volunteer endeavors, we have made the decision to take the rest of this year for ourselves.

It is an exciting time and we hope you enjoy following along...