Saturday, July 9, 2016

Returning To Maine For One Post

We've finally settled our pace and while going through all of our photos realized that we slighted Maine a bit.   By the time we arrived there, Annie was acting the fool and we just lost track of where we were and what we were doing.

So.... here's the remainder of our shots and stories from Maine way back in May'ish.

                   We enjoyed a pleasant afternoon at a city park in Belfast.

IMG_3697a (1)
  The Surf Scoters (in black) and Herring Gulls were enjoying the nice weather, too.

New bird alert!  Had thought this was a Common Loon but turns out it is a Red-throated.

                                                  Lovin' the Lifers!

                          You'll never guess what these two were up to.

                                              They were crabbin'.

                  At some point along the way we crossed the Penobscot Narrows Bridge.

          The tower on the left side is the tallest bridge observatory in the world.
                                      We observed it from the ground.

One day we headed out toward Acadia but Annie implied (with quite a noise) that she wasn't in the mood.  So, we returned to Walmart. 

After much investigation with her Listening Stick, Nicole discovered the fuel pump was the culprit.  It had begun to sound like a can of rocks being shaken which is not a typical fuel pump failure sound.  But it was also not the sound you wanted coming from your fuel pump!

We do not like to take advantage of Walmart's hospitality by being too 'comfortable and obvious' in their parking lots.  So, instead of doing this simple job ourselves in Wally's parking lot, we hired out the job to a local mechanic.

It was a terrible mistake and the hack job that was done to our poor girl brought on a six hour repair and redo job (yes, in the parking lot!) for us the following day.

As a result, we were wiped both mentally and physically.  We were also more than ready to move on.  With an afternoon to spare before leaving, we made a quick run through Acadia National Park.

       Some time at the beach was our primary goal.

                                             It was a beautiful day.




The scenery did much to soothe our aching minds but our bodies had not yet recovered.  Though we attempted a short trail, about fifty feet later we both realized it just wasn't going to happen.  Instead, we opted to just continue the loop drive and leave it at that.

IMG_3769a (26)


Once we felt all was o.k. with Annie, we eventually continued northward.

IMG_3805a (3)
                 We took a break at this small waterfall in one of the towns.

                                  And, got lost for a bit in the scene.

                                                        Waterfall Art

Upon entering Calais, we walked along the St. Croix.  The weather had turned to shorts and t-shirts temps and we reveled in it.

                     The Buffleheads were out splashing around in great numbers.

        The Double Crested Cormorants demonstrated their synchronized swimming skills.

                                     Song Sparrows were singing their songs.

Having reached this, our northern-most stateside destination for this trip, we considered it quite a milestone.  What we didn't realize (having begun our journey in south FLA) was that we had paralleled a different sort of achievement.

2016-05-12a Maine, Calais - Greenway Marker (2)

And there we teetered on the edge of a new adventure.  Soon, we would be entering Canada and spending a time exploring the Maritimes.