Friday, May 5, 2017

Photo Crashing or Crosswalk Blocking?

You be the judge...

Stuart had quite the storm the other day while Nicole and Darlene were at their respective work locations.  The news boasted tornado and hail warnings.

We got neither.

What we did get was a lot of rain.  Darlene had Annie with her at Target and Nicole had ridden her bicycle.

When it came time to leave, there was a steady drizzle falling with sunshine breaking through in the direction of her travel.  So, Nicole made a break for it and motored toward home.

The rain remained steady even growing heavier at times despite the obvious sunshine peeking through the clouds.

As she approached one of her crosswalks there was a car blocking it and a lady hanging out of the window with her cellphone pointed in Nicole's direction.

In the event that you are unfamiliar with the rules of the road and the basics of sidewalk construction... cars are not supposed to block crosswalks and the five inch curb of the sidewalk dips to go in and out of a crosswalk so that bicycles and pedestrians have a smooth transition.

Despite the rain and Nicole staring at her, this lady just kept sitting there pointing her camera in Nicole's direction.  Eventually, she said, "there's a rainbow!"  As the rain continued to fall, Nicole acknowledged that she had seen it and hoped that this would push the lady forward and out of her way so that she could continue her wet ride home.

It didn't.

Instead the lady continued to hold her camera / phone up eventually stating... "You're in my photo."  This realization was enough for her to want to move her car forward thus clearing the crosswalk.

Nicole continued on her way, laughing hysterically and commenting out loud "And... you're in my crosswalk." 

This individual had not even realized she was blocking Nicole's path of travel and instead thought Nicole was somehow intentionally sitting in the rain blocking her photo.

Too funny.

In the driver's defense, it was a spectacular and complete double rainbow of which you could see the full complete arch and both the beginning and end.

          Home and a hot shower were at one end of the rainbow on this particular day.