Friday, August 18, 2017

Partaking in Projects

We've got a list of little things that we'd like to get done while stationary.  

Darlene wanted to learn how to make bread. 

She's been "taking care of the mama", "feeding the baby", "pouring off" and "stirring in the hooch."  She's done the slap and fold and the no-knead, proofed, punched, stretched and rolled. 

We've had a lot of delicious bread.  One day we decided to finish up on of the standard store bought loaves we had in the fridge. 

After being spoiled, neither of us could even finish one slice.  Ah... the good life.

Other things we've been working on include a way to transport our bikes. 

We bought a cargo tray, hitch extender and some bicycle carrying attachments.

         We're pretty excited about this new addition to our traveling arsenal.

The hitch stabilizers arrived the other day as did the second locking hitch pin (not pictured).

A few more ideas to workout with regard to tie downs and such and we'll have suitable bike transport.

Having bikes now means one more thing to maintain.

So, Nicole got to work creating a lightweight yet sturdy support that lets us get the rear wheel in the air.

            The key is that it breaks down and packs away when not in use.

A few months back we had a tomato that had sat on the counter too long. 

When we cut it open it was obvious it had 'gone to seed'. 

So, Nicole stuck 'em in a pot. 

A few months later and they are growing like weeds.

Three of the stragglers in their own private pot.

The only basil that we have managed to grow from seed.
It sounds mean but it seems to have survived because we don't pay it much mind.

          Somewhere in the mix we managed to finish our third puzzle.

When you buy a puzzle for a dollar at the thrift store you expect pieces to be missing. 
What you don't expect is to have an extra piece that doesn't belong.

Next on the list... our Land Yacht gets a port hole and her windows get some new runs and scrapers.