Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Ta Dah!

This is it.  After this post we are finally caught up once and for all on the sharing.  It helped that we both have been sick for nearly two weeks.  Neither of us has wanted to go anywhere or cared to see much of anything which means no photos added to the ever growing pile. 

Pretty short and sweet without too much commentary.  Just more shots from here and around.

                                                          Bleeding Heart Vine

                                            new favorite shot of the White-eyed Vireo

                                                 natural honeycomb... a first for us

                                                              Blackberry Lily

                                                          Painted Bunting... LIFER!

                              Eastern Gray Squirrel

                                                   Tennessee Warbler... LIFER!

Did you know there was a program to  tag and track Monarch Butterflies they way they tag birds?  Well, we didn't either but there is. 


                                                             a unique flower

                                 Another afternoon at the beautiful Savanna Preserve.

                                                                We ate lunch.

                                                        We sat down by the water.

                                                      We watched the birds.

                           And the birds watched us.