Tuesday, January 7, 2020

A Little Computing

The fan on one of our laptops stopped working a few years back.  As a result, it was prone to heating up more than it should.  If it got too warm the video card, motherboard, etc. would suddenly decide to stop working.

We've managed to keep it limping along via the presence of air conditioning, the use of an external fan blowing on the computer and a few other tricks.

The biggest issues though came when the ambient temperature was already elevated and that happens quite a bit when you live in metal box.  

A few months ago though our bag of tricks was losing its magic and it was looking like a new laptop was the only option.
That was until....  Nicole decided to investigate.

Will this every go back together?

Looks like excessive amounts of dust had clogged the cooling fins and prevented the fan from turning.

Even the vents on the case were clogged.

All cleaned up and ready to re-assemble.

We're back in business!

Cool air blowing from the now free-turning fan and circulating over the motherboard and video card.  

Don't tell Annie though or she'll decide we could use the money we saved on her!