Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Bloomin’ Desert!

We purchased the National Park Pass a few months back as a way to save money while exploring the Nations many beautiful, scenic and preserved areas.  This particular trip to Joshua Tree National Park, however, was intended as a brief stop over (because there was free camping and we don’t like to drive very far in a day).  We had planned on just taking a peek this time around and then coming back another time as the weather started to warm up.  It wound up being much warmer than we had expected!IMG_1222Our little piece of BLM heaven just outside the park.  It wasn’t much different than where we had been before but the government provides it to us free of charge so we weren’t complaining!  See the rise of light colored sand just off in front of Annie?  That is the southern boundary for Joshua Tree.  On our morning walk, it called to us and so we climbed up to take a look.  We had no idea that we’d soon be entering a completely different season.  Spring had sprung over there and we’d like to share it with you.  (Hint: to fully enjoy this experience, imagine the sounds of bees buzzing and birds happily chirping add to that the sweet smells of freshly blooming flowers and you’re almost here…) 

IMG_1155 IMG_1162
IMG_1082 IMG_1091
IMG_1097 IMG_1168
IMG_1101 IMG_1107
IMG_1118 IMG_1123
IMG_1128 IMG_1131
IMG_1157 IMG_1151
IMG_1165 IMG_1159
IMG_1185 IMG_1173
IMG_1195 IMG_1197
IMG_1203 IMG_1204
IMG_1161 IMG_1216
IMG_1099 IMG_1213

Sure hope you enjoyed the tour.