Monday, February 20, 2012

Disported on Dilly Dispersed Desert.

We were quite happy in our location just North of J-Tree and had hoped to spend a bit more time hanging out, outside the park and possibly getting some climbing in.  Mother Nature had a different idea and strange enough pushed us North of all things toward warmer weather.  Our last spot was wonderfully remote-feeling and we could have comfortably stayed a while in that location.  Being ‘encouraged’ to leave earlier than planned left us with an lingering hunger for a bit more time in a quiet and out of the way spot.  So, we found one.  Here’s how you get there…
(by Nicole)

IMG_1296Pass the really large and super cool metal sculpture garden.IMG_1358Do you see it?  See what?  Exactly!
Fill yourself with awe and wonder at the size of the dry lake bed you’re passing.
Keep an eye out for the salt deposits and the 10,000+ year old volcanic crater.
Kick off your shoes, relax and leave your latest brainchild
(hyper-miling in a B250 campervan) to Darlene.
”Seriously, Nicole.  There is a limit.  Can I put it in Drive yet?”
Recognize that there is other life out there.
Appreciate the sun setting as it silhouettes a unique historical landmark.
Get your kicks!

Spend the night at an out of the way gas station / impromptu truck & rv stop.
[Sorry, no photos please, we’re just doing our job.]
Meet a man who likes poop even more than your friend, Roxi.
So much so that he collects it, dissects it and frames it!

Gather from said scat-loving man valuable information on BLM land in the area. Nod, tell him “Thank You” and slowly walk out the door when he tells you to go to the Lollipop. Proceed to said ‘Lollipop’ because curiosity is your friend.IMG_1426Do you see it?  See what?  Exactly!

Realize that if the road continues to be something no one else in their right mind would go down, you may never know how many licks your rig must take to get to the center of the BLM Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop.

Remember that you are not in your right mind and continue onward a bit longer until such a time that you see a spot. One spot! Three feet from the ‘road’. It looks flat. Looks can be deceiving but it will do. 

Complete the 20 point turn necessary to get into said spot.

IMG_1420Hike the nearest hill to admire your rigs presence
in the vast open area you will call home for the next several days. IMG_1422
Take it all in.  Then sit back, relax and…IMG_1411
keep it all in perspective.

Until next time…