Sunday, May 6, 2012

The W is for WOW!

So, there were all of these great ideas running through Nicole’s head for completing the phrase “The ‘W’ in Wyoming stands for ___”.  Lists of things like Wide Open, Windy, Wild, Western.  And we had every intention of telling you stories of our drive here and how Annie has just turned 130 (thousand miles) and how we can only use between 1/4 and 1/2 tank of gas before we have to fill up otherwise we can’t climb hills and how in downtown Laramie (which we love, by the way) there are beautiful tree lined streets and cowboys in full garb standing in the middle of the road with a drink in one hand and a bullwhip in the other.

Forget flowers… they’re blooming whole trees here in Laramie! 

But none of that matters now.  Because we took a drive today.  Up a big hill (with a full tank of gas for safe keeping), about 1500 feet higher in elevation, up over the highest point on the Transcontinental (Lincoln) Highway where a very possessed looking bust of Lincoln is perched upon a 50 foot high tower…

and then down into a beautiful and lush green valley where mysterious rock formations dot the otherwise very Western and Wyoming landscape. 

None of those other W’s matter now because today… we saw our summer home.  And is it official.  The ‘W’ in Wyoming stands for WOW!

…the valley
…our driveway
… our site
… view from our site
… nice big spot
… at home already
… tent site with a view
… more campground scenery
… looking back as we drive away, anxious to get moved in

It is called Vedauwoo.   Pronounced Vee-da-voo, meaning “Earth Born”, it’s formations are composed of 1.4 billion year old Sherman Granite.  We have volunteered to be campground hosts here for the summer.  The gates are still locked for the winter season so we hopped over, had a quiet walk around and let all of the goodness soak in.

With so much goodness, it may take the whole summer to fully soak in…