Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Time Has Come

There's something to be said for when things all come together.  In this case, the offline tool that we use to create our blog has decided to stop functioning in a useful way.  It functions in a very non-useful way such as taking forever to load absolutely nothing.  But that's o.k. because today we got the call that our campground is getting ready to open up.  So, the timing of the failed offline blogging tool couldn't be more perfect with the timing of we won't have internet for a good long while anyway.  So, since the blog write-up has recently been relegated to online time, here's the skinny on the latest and maybe one or two photos.

We're pertty excited about this volunteer position at Vedauwoo in Wyoming.  Sure, it is a world class rock climbing destination.  Sure, we get to sit in the middle of it for the entire summer.  Sure, we get to climb pretty much every single day.  We won't deny that the set up is pretty dang sweet for two rock climbers.  But we also get to give back to the system that has provided us with free places to camp for the last six months and that is pretty sweet too.

See 'A'?  That's the central climbing area.  See the red 'X'?  That's our campground.
Blue areas are named climbing areas that host about 900 different routes all total.

With our new volunteer gig in the Land of the Earthborn Spirit we're not so sure how often we'll be posting to the blog.  But we'll do our best to gather up and post some photos and chat about Vedauwoo, rock climbing and our first time camphosting adventures at some point.  So, check back now and then.  If you've got our number, feel free to drop us a text or shoot us a call.  We've got reasonable cell coverage at our site and, if we don't get ourselves stuck in a man-eating off-width, we plan to be there at least at night to sleep. 

Climbing Legend, Todd Skinner said, "Vedauwoo filters out the weak, the soft and the spineless, which leaves better company for you."  When all is said and done and Vedauwoo has had its way with us, we sure hope to find ourselves in the category of "Better Company".  Either way, we're pretty darn excited about this latest adventure!