Wednesday, June 6, 2012

VEDAU… Can I get a WOO WOO?!


There isn’t much to say about our current location. That’s not true!  The truth is there is just too much to say.  And it is all awesome!  We’ve been in Vedauwoo, Wyoming for three weeks now and it is definitely the magical and beautiful place that we had read about.  At some point in the future we’ll write more about our first ever volunteer camphost position here and how much we are totally loving that too.  For now though, we’ll just hit you with some photos and a few descriptions. 


IMG_3025Pronghorn… Second Fastest Land Animal.  Truth!  Look it up.

Bunny… Fastest?  No.  Cutest?  Quite possibly.
This little guy hangs out near our campsite.

He entertains us with games of ‘find the bunny’.

Caught in the act!

This guy enjoys preferred seating on our picnic table.
The place is loaded with every sort of cute ‘rodent’ on the list including:
Gophers, Ground Squirrels, Chipmunks (Big & Little) and Pine Squirrels.

Reportedly, Spring gets fully sprung around these parts sometime in June.  Right now it’s just coiling up with sightings such as the following. IMG_3138 IMG_3139












The Pink flower on the left is a wild rose.  It smells amazing!IMG_3154 IMG_3155  







Check out the two striped guys.  Just shells of their former selves.
IMG_3164 IMG_3166







Vedauwoo 2012-05-16 (1)Vedauwoo 2012-05-16 (4)









At first we thought finding a cool yellow spider on this white flower was unique.  Then we discovered one on almost every white flower of that kind.  Not sure why.



Vedauwoo 2012-05-16 (2)


Kept seeing a lot of these antler rubbings on our walks.  Then one foggy morning while doing rounds we encountered about four different moose!  One was a mother with a baby.  We had to wait until they were done eating to drive by as the Mom Moose indicated she was going to charge us if we kept going.  (Didn’t have our camera that day!)




Vedauwoo has a significant history as a premier rock climbing destination.  It’s draw is what is called offwidths.  Man-eating super wide offwidths (cracks) to be exact!  We’re still getting the hang of the unique climbing and the fact that our East Coast gear is either too small or too big.  Sitting at our campsite, some of the best climbing in the area calls to us daily.

Vedauwoo 2012-06-05 (2)
The Nautilus crag sits a 10 minute walk to our right.
Vedauwoo 2012-06-05 (1) 
And… a brief 10 minute jaunt to our left is the Central Area Crag.

We did manage to get on one climb the other day.  By rating it was super easy.  Nicole managed to make it super hard when she discovered that her ‘safety’ gear was not fitting to her satisfaction.  But we made it to the top and had a good time on our first official Vedauwoo crack climb.  Bruised knees and egos came free of charge!  No photos this time around as Darlene’s hands were a bit too busy keeping Nicole safely in the air.

IMG_3031 By the way… We only head into town only every three weeks'ish so if you email us be patient.  Cell service is spotty.  If you’re wanting to get in touch with us these days text us or leave a phone message and we’ll get back to you.  The phone does receive messages, we just have to find the right place to stand and not move if we want to actually talk on it!

Cutting this short for now.  The cupboards are bare and we’ve got a load of re-stock shopping to do for the next three weeks.  More later…

Vedauwoo 2012-05-21 (5)