Monday, October 1, 2012

Ah, Rain. We’ve missed you.

Been traveling.  Took off from Vedauwoo and a few hours later we had already descended enough in altitude to remind us that we might ought to have attacked that AC problem while we were still at 8200 feet!  It was only a few days of 90 – 100 degree driving though and we muttered through with both ourselves and our van on big highs of finally being on the road again.  Boy did it feel good! 

2012-09-10 WY-GA
The Pawnee National Grasslands = Lots of Grass + Lots of Land.  Total Shocker!

2012-09-10 WY-GA (1)
                 Darlene rockin’ her best Beiber hair!

2012-09-10 WY-GA (5)
The heat of the days gave way to some really beautiful sunsets.

2012-09-10 WY-GA (11)
And then there was this.  The Largest Ball of Sisal Twine.  It’s over 50 years old and still growing.  Each August a twine-a-thon is held.  So, if winding twine is your thing participate in the festival. Or call the town of Cawker, KS, any other time and they’ll set you up with a piece to add and you’ll be a part of the record. 

Truth be told, Cawker doesn’t offer much in the grand scheme of travel destinations.  But as RV’ers we found the town to be better than most due to this. 

2012-09-10 WY-GA (13)
Free dump station and non-potable water located behind the fire station.

2012-09-10 WY-GA (14)
And free potable water just across the field!  Given the 90+ degree temperatures we had been facing we soaked our hair and a couple of bandanas.  Emptied, filled and physically cooled down the town of Cawker found a special place in our hearts.

Just East of Cawker is Waconda Lake and Glen Elder State Park.  We had just cooled off though and wanted to take advantage of our creative form of AC so 2012-09-12 WY-GA (1)
we were off again.  More and more fields of ‘wide open’
2012-09-13 WY-GA (1)
eventually gave way to tree lined drives as we crossed yet another border.

A good while back Nicole lived in the small town of Dyersburg, TN.  No longer a small town by any means it is still a launching point for visits to Reelfoot Lake.  3, 2, 1… blast off!  Launching point. Blast off. Get it?  Oh well, here’s some photos.

2012-09-14 WY-GA (2)
Reelfoot Lake was formed during the Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812.  The quakes, felts as far away as Quebec, reportedly led the Mississippi River to flow backwards for 10 – 24 hours.
2012-09-14 WY-GA (7)
Indian folklore has a bit more exciting of a tale.  Accordingly, the Great Spirit was very upset with Reelfoot (an Indian Chief named due to his deformed foot and the way he walked) who was determined to marry a Choctaw Indian Princess against her Father’s wishes.  During the wedding ceremony, the Great Chief stomped his foot so hard it caused earthquakes which caused the Mississippi River to flood its banks and fill the imprint.

2012-09-14 WY-GA (12)2012-09-14 WY-GA (6) 2012-09-14 WY-GA (8)2012-09-14 WY-GA (3)2012-09-14 WY-GA (4)
Reelfoot Lake is a nesting home for Bald Eagles.  We were a bit too early for them this year but the office has a few rehab birds of prey on property.

2012-09-14 WY-GA (11)2012-09-14 WY-GA (29)

That’s all for now.  We’re experiencing our first good rain in almost a year and do not want to miss it!  Heading outside to appreciate it.  Then back inside the van to dump the buckets.  Guess we should be getting to that tick list of van projects.

Ha, Ha.  Right.