Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Looking Down, Once Again.

When we left the desert SW about six months ago, we had a quiet celebration.  No, we weren’t happy to be leaving the area.  We were happy to begin walking upright again!  Oh the things we saw when we stopped constantly scanning the ground for precious gems and cool rocks.  Were all of these things there all along and we missed them?  Learning to be Rock-hounds was a wonderful experience but we pondered that perhaps the next time we go to the SW we’ll make a pact to only look up.

2012-10-16 Ocala (34)

The last few months have been glorious.  We had put our Rock-hounding stance aside and walked with our heads held high.

And then it happened.  We mentioned to our supervisor that we had been taking walks along the main road and he responded with, “Have you found any sea biscuits?”  Innocent enough, right?  WRONG!

Down went our heads, once again and off we went in search of fossilized ocean crustaceans.  Avoid all pictures of famous racehorses that float through your mind and think sea urchin without the spines. 

                                  Do you see it?
        How about now?  Here it is in all its pre-washed glory.
After the first wash, the original texture and details start to appear.

Well, we were pretty excited about learning how to walk upright but now we are pretty excited about finding bigger sea biscuits.  After all, Kyle (our Sup) says that it isn’t the quantity, it’s the size. 

Challenge, accepted!