Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hooked Up!


  The beautiful weather has arrived to Oklahoma and we’ve been basking in it!

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We’re on the road again but our pace has been slow (even by our standards).  We drive only 25-40 miles per day and take the time to explore each city we spend the night in.

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                                    We walked another labyrinth.

In our research we’ve learned that labyrinths are typically of just a few varieties.  Many of them are replicas of those found on the floor of churches in Europe.  It will be neat to walk each of the different patterns and to also see how the location of each one affects the experience.  Our first was in a park surrounded by a peaceful garden.  This one, located at Mercy Hospital in OK City, was installed right off the parking lot.  Though it is surrounded by some pretty high bushes, it offers a different experience with all that is going on around it.

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                In El Reno, OK, we visited one of the first Carnegie Libraries.

 Photo (3)
If turtles could fly (there’s a turtle on the log with the Egret), we would have hit a bird-photo tri-fecta (Blue Heron on log at back) at El Reno Lake.

Did you know that Elk City, OK, is a bird sanctuary?!  We didn’t either but there is a sign at the entrance to the city that says so and we tended to believe them.

Photo (33)
Apparently, the extremely high numbers of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers around Lake Elk City agree.

Photo (26) 
The city is gracious enough to provide RV electrical hookups free of charge for a four night stay at the lake.  You’re welcome to stay longer than that but there will be a charge for each additional night equal to the amount of the citation that you receive (signage states: one citation for each extra night you stay).

Photo (47)
The park offers a good amount of walking either on trails, along the shore or on the road.  There is also a disc golf course, covered picnic tables and a band shell.

Photo (50)
The inside of the band shell has become home to a large colony of swallows.  They had already abandoned their nests for the year when we arrived but it was still amazing to see so many built in such a small area.

 Photo (48)
                                            Close-up of the nests.

Photo (59)
The lake level was pretty low and revealed a large number of well weathered trees with some pretty neat character.

Photo (55)Photo (45)
         Weren’t sure what to make of this find laying under a clam shell.

Well, our four days of being hooked up by the lake are over so we’ll be moving on.

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                                            See ya next time…