Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oh, I Wish I Were In The Land Of…


Photo (17)
                                               Cotton, anyone?

     Did you know that the seeds are mixed right in with the fluffy white stuff?

                                                  We didn’t.

Photo (19)
         Cotton is pretty when it grows.  It forms these buds like flowers do.

Photo (12)
                                  Eventually, they start to open up.

Photo (13)
        They continue opening further as the exterior shell (the bud) dries up.

Photo (7)
   There are four individual sections of cotton in each one (four ‘cotton balls’).

Photo (16)
As the shell continues to open and dry up the cotton is held more loosely and the wind begins to blow it around and change it to a more disorganized form.  At this point it is very soft and easy to pick.

Photo (9)
Then you are left with yet another pretty flower (remnants of the original shell).

Photo (3)
  Our latest tres-overnighter was (you guessed it) across from a field of cotton.

                                   It was also next to a small airport.

Photo (2)
             In the world of motor-homes, we are the dingy to their yacht!

      Perhaps he’s got a few of these back home to help pay for his big boat.
                      (Actually, as it turns out… he’s a cotton farmer!)

         Did you know that barbed wire is sometimes called ‘Devil’s Rope’?

                           We’re pretty sure this is a Gilded Flicker.

It might also be a Red Shafted or a mix of the two.  We’re pretty positive it isn’t a yellow shafted though and that’s cool because we saw one of those in Pennsylvania.

                                                 Sparrow Agua.

        Another sparrow family member.  There is a WIDE variety of sparrows!

            Speaking of variety… these guys were out in mass the other day.

 DSCN3179 DSCN3181

We wandered into Lubbock to take advantage of our Sears free lifetime rotation and balance on our tires.


When it was time to leave we filled up for only $2.97 per gallon!  Then it occurred to us.  Lubbock has designed their highways in such a way that causes you to almost literally go in circles.  Every time you see where you want to go you are on the wrong side of the highway.  Hence, lots of fuel used just to navigate the city.  Thus, they can price it low because you’ll be filling up more frequently anyway!

We opted for only one fill up and then dizzily got the heck outta Lubbock.


                And now… we are back in the peaceful calm of nature.