Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Joshua Trees not in Joshua Tree


Did you know, there are actually fewer Joshua Trees in Joshua Tree National Park than there are in the Mojave National Preserve?


                                                   We didn’t!

                                             But there are!

Besides having a bunch of other cool stuff like singing sand dunes, dry lake beds, lava flows, volcanic cinder cones and caverns (closed to the public), Mojave National Preserve’s is home to one of the largest and densest Joshua tree forests in the world.



If you look closely, you can see ‘dots’ all the way to the mountains.  Those are Joshua Trees!  The numbers were staggering in comparison to anything we’ve seen before.


The trees were also a bit different looking than others we have seen.  Skinnier, maybe.  More ‘tree’ like.  Not sure how to describe it but one person told us they were a different variety called ‘broccoli’ (as of yet unconfirmed).


We didn’t spend time exploring the other aspects of the park this time around so trees are all we’ve got for you.  Well, we do also have this cool photo of a Black Throated Sparrow!


                                      And, then we’re back to trees…


             Oh!  We got stuck in the desert the other day.  SIX TIMES!

Buried up to the axles which this photo does not clearly show since we had already dug her out and surrounded her with ‘traction’ of found variety.  Just picture the bottom half of our tire / rim covered in sand.  We worked for five hours digging, depositing traction and then making it anywhere from one foot to six feet before she dug herself in again.  Just before dark some guys showed up to ride their ATV’s, they used their truck to give us the final pull we needed and off we rode into the sunset.  The lesson here was… just because you drove over it once, doesn’t mean you can drive over it again!

                                          Cue the tree photo.