Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Picture Pages from Kalispell Bay, Idaho

Do you remember this one?

2014-06-20 Idaho, Priest Lake - Common Mullein Plant
Back in June we had no idea what it was other than fuzzy and cabbage-like.  Such a
difference a few months makes.  According to our readings, this would be ‘Year One’
of a two year cycle for this plant.

DSCN9999u (22)
In its second year, what originally looked like a ground plant now possesses a stalk over six feet tall which is covered in bright yellow flowers.  When it comes to woodland weeds, we think the Common Mullein is not so common at all.

DSCN9999u (38)
   While we’re on the subject of tall things, these Ferns were also hitting the six foot range.

DSCN9999y (10)
Going from big to small, a super close up of the tiny Pine Drops flowers as they open is not an easy capture what with their dangle angle and the sticky stalk that they reside on.  Nicole managed a few reasonable results.

DSCN9999t (41)
We thought that these would open or flower in some way.

DSCN9999t (41)
                        But they have not.  We’ll keep checking.

DSCN9999w (6)
                            Let’s “see”… what else have we found?

DSCN9999q (53)
                       So far these are presumed to be in the clover family.

DSCN9999t (56)
                                              Sunlight on Pixie-Cup Lichen.

DSCN9999t (77a) (1)

DSCN9999t (72)
                                              Just starting out.

DSCN9999t (76)
                                          Tooting its own horn.

DSCN9999x (24)
                                        Look MA, No Zoom!
  This one played ‘statue’ long enough to let Nicole put a camera in its face.

DSCN9999u (52)
          The largest Dandelion we’ve ever seen is actually called Salsify.

DSCN9999u (1)
         Closing in on some close-ups, the tiniest bean we’ve ever seen…

DSCN9999u (2)
          was on a plant with one of the smallest flowers we’ve ever seen.

DSCN9999v (20)
       The Pearly Everlasting makes its own bouquets.

DSCN9999y (17)
                                               New berries!

DSCN9999y (53)
                                              In blue, too.

DSCN9999q (59)
        Is it just us or does this flower sort of look like the Court Jester?

We’ve been kept busy these last three weeks at the boat ramp.  As of this past Sunday though we can once again see our parking lot and our camping board is more white than colorful (names and dates).  So, it seems that the summer craze has come to an end and we will enjoy a quiet final month before sailing off to somewhere new.  Meanwhile, we’re still catching up on sharing photos so this will probably not be our last post of random photos.  We still haven’t seen hide nor hair of a bear but some boaters came back from mid-lake the other day excited that they had seen one swimming across in front of them.  We’ve left plenty of berries on the plants around the van and the other night both of us had dreams involving bears so we’ll see what we see before we leave.

On that note, one last parting shot before we leave the web behind for another week.

DSCN9999z (94)
                                     Surprise!  It’s a mushroom.