Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Final Priest Lake Post

We haven’t got much to say and this post will reflect that.  Priest Lake has begun sending us messages and we’re listening.

First there was the hail...

DSCN9999zh (2)

Then there were the bones of dead things...

DSCN9999zi (3)

The air is growing cold enough to bring about the rising of steam from the lake...

DSCN9999zh (5)

The berries are turning white...

DSCN9999zi (12)

The newest plants are dead on arrival...

DSCN9999zg (3)

Oh, and the wind has been blowing.  Really hard.


   O.K.  The trees aren’t moving in the photo so you’ll just have to believe us on that one.


                                 We’re counting on one hand (and one toe) now.

                                            Goodbye, Priest Lake, Idaho.
                                                     Hello, open road.