Sunday, April 12, 2015

We were going to stop but...

There were plans or rather ideas in our heads that we would stop and overnight somewhere along the Texas coast for an undetermined amount of time.  We had a few places picked out but nothing was sitting with us.  The weather was ‘ish and the ocean was quite kicked up.  So, we decided to keep on keeping on along the coast for a bit longer.

At the northern ‘end’ of Galveston though we reached an impasse (of sorts).

                  This is the FREE ferry from Galveston to Port Bolivar.

The sun was setting, it was a beautiful evening and we
had no particular place to be.

So, we loaded Annie up on the Ray Stoker, Jr. for her second ever ferry ride.

In what seems to be our usual M.O. they loaded a semi-truck right next to us.

          You could call these riders lazy or smart.  We’ll let you decide!

                   And, THAT is how we almost got to Louisiana.
  Not the most exciting of tales but it happened almost exactly as we told it.