Friday, June 10, 2016

Along The Drive...

St. Mary's Ecological Reserve was really awesome.  The roads we've been driving for three weeks though... could use a little help.  O.K.  We're lying.  They could us A LOT of help!

Essentially, once you leave the TCH you're looking at anything from bad to 'sure hope your insurance is up to date'. 

          A hint about the roads in the above photo.  This one was pretty good.

Here's a repeat minus the road conditions because, despite how exhausting they have been to drive, we cannot deny that the scenery is just spectacular.

        It really doesn't hurt to have to drive so slow.  You get to take it all in even more.

                                              Fishing Season has begun...

                                              Yet another picturesque village.

Some of these views made us question if we had driven into a portal and come out in WY.




                                Holyrood Pond - a 13 mile long landlocked fjord.

        St. Vincent's Beach is a great place to see whales when the Capelin are running.     
                            Unfortunately, no capelin yet so no whales for us.


                                        More Wyoming-esque sights.


  The wide open and wind-swept scenery on the way to St. Mary's Reserve was just beautiful.

After our visit to St. Mary's, we made the decision to leave our plans for additional explorations of the island for another time.  Three weeks of bobbing and weaving on the back roads with the constant worry of damage to our van has just plain worn us out.

We've still got to make our way back to the west side of the island though. So, keep on the lookout for a few more posts from Newfoundland!