Thursday, June 15, 2017

Possum Long Audubon Nature Preserve

Located just a short motor-bike down the road from us this preserve includes almost 5-acres of urban forest and sloughs that are slowly being rehabilitated to their natural states.

It seems we are (intentionally or not) working hard to build up our heat tolerance and on this day once again chose to make the outing smack dab in the middle of the day. 

Needless to say, it was quite warm but we trampled around and took in what we could before the lure of creating our own breeze by motor-biking became too strong to resist.

Two Juvenile Red Shouldered Hawks highlighted the day.
They did their best to hide but we still spotted them several times throughout our visit.
The Bromeliads were still showing some color.

Possibly in the trumpet creeper family.  Still investigating.
  We spotted this tiny Eulophia graminea (Chinese Crown) orchid.
While delicate and pretty, it is unfortunately an invasive and one of the newest invasives we’ve seen to date having first been discovered in 2007 in Miami. 

Nicole doesn’t really have a mushroom bucket list per se but she does have several that she’d like to see.  Seeing them though is purely haphazard for us.  The Clathrus ruber aka Latticed Stinkhorn is one she’s been interested in so she was pretty excited when Darlene found one on this walk.  It was on the way out but it still goes down as a much desired lifer.

more bloomin’ bromeliads
Two Great Southern White Butterflies Blending In

We found a nice shade tree just as one of the Red Shouldered Hawks did.
A bit of a size differential. Would you believe that this Red Bellied Woodpecker was aggressively defending her nest and had no fear of the monstrous beast next to her?

Gloriosa rothschildiana
Gloriosa Lily
That’s all for now...