Thursday, June 22, 2017

Puzzle Solved!

We just finished our second 1000 piece photo montage. 

By the end we were seeing red. 

Considering we only pay .99 cents at the thrift store for these challenges, we've been fortunate that out of 2000 pieces there have only been two missing.  That keeps in the 99 theme with a percentage of .999.  We're getting ready to start our third so we'll see where our percentages end up after this one.

We don't see her all that much these days, so when we do, Annie makes sure to get her licks in and let us know that those little motor bikes of ours aren't really so special after all!

A while back one of the bushings on our windshield wipers gave out after 28 years of faithful service.  We had considered going ahead and doing all of them but being crunched for time we opted to only replace that one.  Then a few months later, another went out.  As we were replacing it, the rain was beginning to pour down.  So, once again, we decided to only replace that one.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago when on our way home from the beach in the rain.... bushing #3 gave out.  This time, we finished off all bushing with new and fingers crossed should be good in the rain for another 28 years. 

                                  Weekday Traffic

Our resident Yellow-crowned Night Heron hanging by the pond.

Suppose these guys were looking tasty.

                      One of our flashier swimmers.

We see more blooms each day.
Like these Rhoeo spathecea flowers,

also known as Moses In The Craddle which is a bit more
obvious in this shot.
This Shell Ginger plant is new for us and quite pretty.

The aptly named Firecracker.


Did you know that Pineapple plants are a bromeliad?

Not something we expected to see in our neighborhood.
            We were transported to Hawaii for a moment.