Monday, October 1, 2018

Here... There

This is just a quick shout out to say "Yes, we are still here. We just aren't there."

Annie's continued (30th Birthday Celebration) antics brought about an increased pace to our wanderings this year.   Although many of the items could have been addressed while on the road, we were confident that starting any of them would most likely lead to three or more additional things that were not on the agenda. 

Thus, we have settled back in GA for a while where we have the ability to address the every growing (Birthday Present) list - en masse.

When we get time, we will continue to post and catch you up on the details about the many places we went and things that we saw this year.  For our mechanically inclined and interested followers, we'll also post about the work on Annie and our progress in that area.

So, stay tuned.

For now...  THIS is our REALITY!