Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Moving East For A Bit

Before we motored out of Lander we dropped into the FREE Pioneer Museum.

This is Harvey Morgan.  Well, actually this is just his skull. 
More specifically his skull with a hammer through it.  He’s the
reason the museum was started.  Seems like a good reason.

At this point we could show you a bunch of photos of stuff from the museum.  But we won’t.  It’s pioneer stuff.  Surely you can picture it.  We’d hate to ruin the experience for you.  Suffice it to say that we found it to be a very nice museum (as is the one in Cheyenne, by the way).

This pretty much nails it!  And, yes, the Sheep Wagon (a.k.a. the original travel
trailer) was our favorite too.

The route we took out of Lander headed east in a sort of reverse of the Oregon Trail / Mormon Trail groups.  Besides some beautiful scenery we also passed many ‘signature’ rocks (i.e., places where folks signed their names as they were traveling back in the day).  We also saw specific landmarks used as sight lines or stopping points during travel.  Here’s some pictures.

                                       Our last views of the Wind River Range.

                                                        It sure is pretty...

                 in a great-wide-open sort of way.

                                              Devil’s Gate

                                                              Split Rock

                                                            Pretty Bird

                                              More Wyoming-esque Scenery

                                                  Pronghorn - Very Wyoming

                              We stopped at an overlook for this Wildlife Refuge.

   When it fluctuates so does the salt content (hence the white at the edges).
Most of the critters seemed to have already moved on to better water sources.

  We did however see these succulents covered in blooms.

                   They were soft, thorn-less and

                   some were beautifully colored.

                                Speaking of beautifully colored.

The photographer sustained many pricks obtaining this photo.
  We do not know about the grasshopper.  It’s not talking.

        And with that we’ll say, “Goodbye for now.”