Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shew! Who knew?!

Getting back in the swing of things (the sort of things we don’t do all of the time) can really wear a girl out.  More on that later (like in another post).  For now, we’ll just get you semi caught up because we are too tired to do anything else.

When we last left you we had spent the day and night at Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico.  We then took the scenic drive along Hwy 64 through Cimarron Canyon State Park...


                                   These thistle-like-thingies

                                            were blooming...

                into cute little cactus-like flowers.

                We also saw tiny flowers in the sun,

                                   Stellar Jays in the shadows

                            and somewhat ‘regular’ looking things

                            that possessed an ‘inner’ radiant beauty.

   It was a nice place that we shall return to... sometime.

There are a lot of beautiful things to see and we don’t like to hurry.  We had an itch though that was just begging to be scratched.  We’ll call it the excited curiosity of getting settled in and exploring a new place.  So, we flew past beautiful scenery like Eagle Nest Lake and the Taos Ski Valley.

                          (See the lake there in the left hand corner of the picture?)

                                  (Yeah, yeah, it’s pretty, now keep driving!)

                              We joined up with the Rio Grande

then flew through Santa Fe and only stopped in Albuquerque out of dire need to explore particular shopping options not typically available to us in our back-roads travels.

                                   Eventually, we landed at....

                                our new ‘home’ for the next four to five months.
                                              (That’s our backyard in photo)

Needless to say, we are way behind.  We’ve actually been here for nearly two weeks already and have just been so busy that we don’t seem to get to posting very often.  Eventually, we will catch you up on the details and the photos and (if all plays out as we hope) many nice  experiences too!  Hang in there.  We will be back!