Saturday, October 4, 2014

Picture Pages To Get Caught Up - Page 1

Seeing as how we haven’t been doing too much other than relaxing and we are way behind on sharing photos we’re going to just get to it and throw a bunch up here.  We may even add a caption now and then.  We’re still wandering the wilds of Wyoming and will soon visit with friends at their volunteer / work (he’s been hired as a seasonal) site.

We spent some time at Pete’s Draw.  It is a BLM site that was in its last week of being FREE.  Phew!  We got there just in time.







Oh!  On the exciting (for us) news front... We flushed our first pheasant while we were at Pete’s Draw!  As Darlene put it, “We would have shot it but Nicole couldn’t get the camera out fast enough.”  HA HA!

It was pretty exciting for us though.  We had been walking down the road when we heard what we thought was a ground squirrel with a southern drawl.  After many attempts to get the mystery creature to reveal itself we started off through the high grass in pursuit.  Although it was obviously staying one step ahead of us it was not moving the bushes at all so we assumed that it was definitely something small.  Then with a startle and a few choice squawks out it flew and was revealed to be a good sized Ring-necked Pheasant.

                                       Ring-necked Rear End
                        Can you see it at the edge of the tall grass?

            We hadn’t been at our site long before company showed up.
                            (Four orange and one gray six-toes)

     These next shots are for the kitty lovers out there.





                                And, down the road we went....