Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Mexico... We finally get to stay for a while.

In the three years that we have been on the road we have tried to spend time in New Mexico at least three times.  Each time we had plans to visit the weather or some other thing would come up to keep us moving on through.  New Mexico, however, has always called to both of us so we decided that the one true way to spend time here was to take up residence (temporarily, at least).  Enter Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge in La Joya and a great opportunity to volunteer with the Fish and Wildlife Service for the first time.

  Patches of Desert Marigold frame The Mesa - home of the Mesa Loop Trail -
                                         a.k.a. our backyard

We were surprised to see so much color (in the way of flowering things) still hanging around but a good bit of rain had fallen prior to our arrival.  We’ve also had a good bit since arriving so we’re looking forward to many more blooming things.  The reader may interpret that as ‘Lots of flower photos coming your way!’.

We also hope, being that we are located within a Wildlife Refuge to have lots of critter pictures to show you.  If not, at least some ‘close calls’ like this one of a House Finch (the red dot in photo above).

On our first walk around we noticed these cool fruit.  The Silver Nightshade was already on the way to seed and there were striped, yellow, orange and black colored fruit hanging everywhere.  Fortunately, we found two fading but still identifiable flowers.

                                           Pretty in Purple

  Sorghum one of the world’s most drought tolerant plants.

                    And delicately detailed, as well.

                                              Mourning Dove


                                   Oh yeah, I’m on it.  It’s mine!

              Hey!  Look what happens when I hold this up to the light.


                                  More to come.  More to come.

                           Be on the lookout.  It could be any day now.