Friday, November 28, 2014

This, That and Other Stuff at Sevilleta NWR

Since we are still playing catch up in the news and photo categories we’ll just get right to it and share a bunch of randomness.

See this big guy and the little guys practicing their mid-air refueling all the time.

This really cool spider was found in the visitor center.  Nicole caught it and released
it out back.  Later in the day, around front, she saw an ant carrying a spider that
looked just like this one.  Was it this one?  It was plenty alive when she put it out.

         Catching up on the latest bulletin board info.

Quite often, when people come into the visitor center they only have one question:  Where are the birds?  Well...

That’s when we have to remember the true translation of their question:  Where can I see birds without putting in too much effort?  And the more specific translation (given the season):  Where can I see Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese?

Our answer:  One exit north of our refuge at Bernardo Waterfowl Management Area.

                                     It is a pretty place with an auto tour loop,

                                       really nice bird blinds,

                                                          scenic views

                                                           and birds...

                                                          lots of them,

                                                  especially Sandhill Cranes.

      We took these photos about a month ago just as they were just beginning to arrive.

                 We’ll leave you with a couple photos of the Broom Dalea flower.

            Sure though we had missed the opportunity to see this purple beauty.

         But a plant just outside the visitors center produced a couple of late blooms.

                                            Until we meet again...