Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Slightly More Variety

Although we will continue to present you with flower photos (who doesn’t love a flower photo?!) we hope to also share other aspects of our time in New Mexico with you.  So, this page will be a mixture.

This way to the Mesa Loop trail.  See the moon?  We will do this trail one day.   We can say that with confidence because we’ve already done it - post to come at a later date.

The flowers on this plant are so tiny.  Nicole is not even sure how she managed to see it the first time.  Each time she walks this way now she tries to find it and has a difficult time.

How can something 1/3 of the size of an uncooked grain of rice have so much detail?

These Purple Mat flowers have continued to elude our efforts to obtain a good
close-up photo.  Challenge accepted!

The Darkling Beetle - survival in the desert is not trouble for this cool critter. 
It has the ability to create water internally.

As a means of defense when threatened, they raise their rear ends and spray a cloud of natural chemicals called quinones.  Perhaps THIS was the demise of our last camera?!
Nicole does get quite close.

Maybe it’s a purple thing.  The Trailing Windmill a.k.a. Trailing Four O’clock also
continues to elude a good close-up.

The White Four O’clock is so delicate and paper-like.  We’re pretty sure we missed
the flowering and this is just the seed-pod.  Still looks pretty flowery to us.

                       You are getting sleepy, very very sleepy.

                         Petrified Wood abounds.

The butterflies of the area have been playing hard to get and in the rare instances
that they do actually stop somewhere are forcing us to resort to zoom shots.
Again, challenge accepted!

                                     Twin-spotted Spiny Lizard

                                    Round Tailed Horned Lizard

After coming to the realization that we are a month behind on our photo postings we figure we’d better hurry this along.  So, cutting this short to spend some time sorting through the rest of them!  Until then... We shall leave you with the beautiful Scarlet Bee Blossom.