Saturday, May 23, 2015

Making It ‘Home’ and Exploring A New Wildlife Area

A quick trip from the west coast to the east coast with a short stop over in Lake Wales and in no time we were all settled in at Nicole’s folks’ place (a.k.a. her childhood home).

    A few moments after our arrival the resident Ibis came to check us out.

Two days after our arrival we boarded the train and headed to Miami Beach to visit with Nicole’s oldest brother, Alex.  A funny thing about packing an overnight bag... it had been so long that we haven’t done so (because everything including the kitchen sink is typically always with us) that it was a bit of a challenge.  On our way back to her brother’s condo he asked about our swimsuits.  Um.... We forgot those!

We stayed the night in Miami Beach and then Alex drove us back north to the parent’s house so that he could stay and visit for a few more days.  On our way back we stopped off at a Wildlife Management Area in Palm Beach Gardens.  It was a super hot and steamy day in South Florida but we persevered and explored the boardwalk areas anyway.

IMG_3176a (1)
                                    Some things were obvious.

IMG_3176a (26)
                            Some things were not.  Can you see me?

IMG_3176a (39)
                             How about now?


IMG_3227a (2)
                             Can you see me?

IMG_3227a (3)
                              How about now?

It was too hot for the birds so most of the action was in or near the water.  Still, there was activity which was nice.

IMG_3176a (17)


IMG_3185a (3)

                               Can you see me?
        Of course you can’t silly.  I haven’t hatched yet.



IMG_3190 (1)




IMG_3176a (22)

                              Can you see me?

                             How about now?


IMG_3185a (5)




IMG_3227a (4)
       Are you seeing me?  Or just a reflection of me?